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Heat Pumps

The high usage and maintenance cost of conventional heating technologies (boilers, electrical heating apparatus, wood or pellet burning) has given motives for using Heat Pumps. H/P technology provides an efficient, intelligent and affordable means of power saving.
22 Dec 2013

Our Certifications

Elmecon, focused on the ever evolving energy sector, has achieved important collaborations with some of the largest european manufacturers of power saving and energy generation equipment.
18 Dec 2013

PV Station Operation & Maintenance

The 3 major principles behind successfully maintaining and operating a Photovoltaic Installation are "Preventive Maintenance" - "Remote Monitoring" - "On Site Support".
23 Dec 2013

PV Station Remote Monitoring

The overall energy production of a PV installation is affected by many factors. Extreme weather conditions, malfunctions in the energy grid, equipment failures and malevolent activities are some of these factors.
23 Dec 2013

Reduced equipment uptime leads to:

  • Income Losses
  • Catastrophic Equipment Failures.
  • Increased Operation Cost
  • Decreased ROI 
  • Reduced PV Station Life Expectancy

Remotely monitoring a PV Installation is essential to assure it's proper and optimal operation, which results in maximum energy generation. Using the latest in monitoring technologies, potential failures and malfunctions can be detected immediately, ensuring minimum equipment downtime. The PV Station owner is notified immediately and the troubleshooting process is initiated without delay.

Our staff is trained and certified to evaluate and resolve equipment problems by remotely accessing the equipment wherever possible. Constant training and communication with the leading PV equipment manufacturers is our assurance to you that all problems will be resolved remotely unless otherwise necessary, thus reducing operation costs for your PV Installation.

We can provide professional level Operation and Maintenance services, regardless of the installed power of the PV station and the location. In this way, you will profit from your investment and not the other way around!

Our Certifications

certified by mechatron certified by mecasolar certified by SMA certified by Fronius certified by Kaco

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