LED Lighting

The energy spent on lighting applications in the world corresponds to about 30% of the total energy spent globally. LED Technology lighting promises to reduce this number to only 4%. But how does LED technology work?
The LED is a diode that uses two layers of proper materials to achieve transfer of electrons from one to another, by applying voltage. This transfer results in light being emitted. This simple principle is the basis of LED Lighting Technology (LLT).
The advantages of LLT compared to standard lighting apparatus are astounding:
  • It is more efficient as it generates light of the same brightness but it consumes considerably less energy.
  • The color of the light emitted is determined during construction of the LED and no filters are required.
  • They are much smaller in size than standard light bulbs and don't create aesthetic clutter
  • LLT lights last for more than 50000 hours, an eternity compared to standard lighting (2000 hours)
  • Being very simple to construct, thay can be roughed up without fear of damage
  • Light can be focused on specific areas, supplying designers with limitless potential for decoration
  • LLT parts are considered common electronics parts (ROHS) and therefore are easier to recycle
  • LLT lighting devices don't use toxic substances (lead, mercury)
  • Heat generated by LLT is minimal
LED lights can be used for any lighting application and result in excellent imagery.
The list of advantages goes on and on. To provide complete LED lighting solutions, ELMECOΝ has partnered with major import companies to provide you with a complete range of LED equipment. Our staff can help you plan the implementation of LED Devices in your space, with economy, aesthetics and evironmental awareness in mind.