The building sector in Greece is the main consumer of electrical energy, having a share of 36% over the total energy consumption at a national level.

The energy consumed in building peaks during the summer months. Because of the extreme heat, airconditioning is necessary to provide proper working and living conditions. 

Statistically speaking, the average time spent inside city buildings per person per year sums up to 80% of the whole year. This is another factor indicating the importance of power saving technologies in a rural environment.

Some of the reasons that buildings in Greece are bad energy consumers are:

  • Thermal Insulation techniques have been adopted by only a small portion of building owners
  • The windows used in many buildings are not properly insulated and inefficient
  • Bioclimatic practices are not taken under consideration when designing buildings
  • The use of the sun as an energy source is not efficient 
  • The owners and tenants of buildings and houses are not environmentally aware and don’t consume energy orthologically

The latest breakthroughs in power saving technologies have provided us with new and innovative techniques, that can be used in new or existing buildings. The use of a Heat Pump can provide both heating and cooling, as well as warm water, with minimum energy consumption and high efficiency.

By using Infrared Heating Panels, you can heat your home without having to pay for expensive installation and alterations. The overall heating cost is significantly lower than that of using a boiled and fossil fuel. When combined with a heating design study, customised for your space, you can achieve a warm atmosphere with minimal interference.

We are partnered with leading power saving equipment manufacturers and we are able to provide you with a variety of devices to suit your needs and aesthetics.

Contact us to get advice and proposals on how to make your home more environmentally aware and economically viable.