Energy Inspections

Our office undertakes to carry out the necessary energy inspection for the issuance of an Energy Performance Certificate (PEA), in new and existing buildings of all sizes and uses.

The energy inspection of buildings in Greece was introduced by the presidential law 100/2010 and is governed by the Regulation for Energy Efficiency of Buildings (ΚΕΝΑΚ). To perfrom the Energy Inspections, the Energy Inspector Specia Service was created.

The energy inspection is aimed at:

  • evaluating the energy consumption of a building per usage (Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Lighting)
  • assigning the building to an energy category
  • issuing a Certificate of Energy Efficiency (CEE)
  • providing the owners / tenants with guidelines to improve the energy blueprint of the building

The energy certificate is a means of identifying whether a building is consuming more than the necessary energy and can be used as a guideline to improve its’ energy efficiency.

A CEE must be available throughout the life cycle of a building and is a necessary document for the following tasks:

  • Completion of a building’s Construction
  • Completion of Large Scale Renovations of an existing building
  • Sale of a building
  • Issuing a new lease on a whole building or part of it
  • Buildings covering a total area of no more than 50m2 and buildings used for industrial purposes or as laboratories, warehouses , parking spaces and gas stations are exempt from this obligation


To make a lease valid, a CEE must be given to the IRS, otherwise the lease is invalid. The same principle is applied when signing a contract of sale for a building.

The required documents for acquiring a CEE are, but not limited to, the following:

  • Ownership Deeds
  • A copy of ΚΑΕΚ (Registration Number of National Land and Property Register)
  • Building Plans and Building License
  • Copies of PPC Bills for the past 3 years, if available
  • Insulation Audit, if available
  • Airconditioning and Main Heating Maintenance Documents

Our Enginners can help you acquire a CEE, by performing all the necessary steps and always in compliance with current legislation. This can be done regardless the size and location of the building. Our main tools are the KENAK ,certified analysis software and themal imaging and insulation equipment.

Contact us for a CEE today.