Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are an efficient, smart and economical means of saving energy. Elmecon can offer you complete solutions and suggestions for your Heat Pumps.

The high usage and maintenance cost of conventional heating technologies (boilers, electrical heating apparatus, wood or pellet burning) has given motives for using Heat Pumps. H/P technology provides an efficient, intelligent and affordable means of power saving.

Despite gaining popularity only recently, the principle behind H/P technology has been used in households for many years. Examples of such devices are refrigerators, freezers and air conditionners.

Let’s examine how heat pumps operate. H/P make use of the sun’s heat, by turning outside warmer air to interior heating, by spending only a fraction the energy that would be otherwise required by the use of fossil fuels. The efficiency of a H/P is the determined by a factor known as COP(Coefficient of Performance). For example, a H/P with a COP rating of 4 will produce the equivalent of 4KWh of energy by consuming only 1KWh, resulting in a profit of 3KWh.


H/P Technology boasts many advantages over conventional heating technologies:

  • Higher ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Minimal Maintenance Cost
  • Small space requirements for installation
  • Heating and Cooling Available
  • No chimney or fuel tank required
  • Can be connected to already existing heating installations
  • Can be used for warming water
  • Can be financed through community or government actions

As an authorized sales and technical partner of WOLF Thermal Systems, a european leader in power saving apparatus, we can provide you with complete solutions for designing and installing your own heat pump.

Heat pump technology when combined with Photovoltaic Panels or a small wind turbine becomes an even more efficient heating or airconditioning option. If the energy required for powering the Heat Pump is provided by a small grid of PV panels or wind turbine and batteries, the overall energy blueprint of the power building or house is further reduced, leading to even faster ROI. Our engineers can provide you with modern and optimal solutions, customized to your specific needs.