Our Certifications

Elmecon has secured many certificates of technical proficiency and with the many years of experience of its staff, it ensures you the best result.

Elmecon, focused on the ever evolving energy sector, has achieved important collaborations with some of the largest european manufacturers of power saving and energy generation equipment.

certificationOur staff, which consists of highly trained engineers with many years of field experience in the energy sector, can provide solutions for virtually any technical requirement and respond immediatly to eyour specific needs.

Concerning installations based on Photovoltaic Technologies, Elmecon has been trained and certified by the largest sun tracking equipment manufacturers (Mechatron, MecaSolar). We have also received certifications in maintaining and troubleshooting inverters from the global leaders of the respective field (SMA, KACO, SolarMax, Fronius, Power One). Constant training and years of gained experience in the field can lead to optimal results.

Keeping up with the latest breakthroughs in the power saving industry, Elmecon has partnered with major european companies. Being an authorizes installer of Wolf, a european leader in heat pump and HVAC systems, we can provide an extensive array of solutions that can help lower the energy consumption of your house or building. Another important partnership is that with Doppler Green Energy, a quickly developping manufacturer of Infrared Heating Panels of high Efficiency.

K.C. Hellas (Kronos Greek Certification S.A.) has authorized Elmecon’s staff to perform certification audits in PV Installations and inspections of lift equipment and machinery.